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Make Money: How to supplement your income without a part-time job

I work night and day building the Phroogal platform to enable people to live life rich. I envision everyone having the ability to live the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of through money-savviness.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees so we  have to do some work to make extra cash.  But, there are ways to supplement your income without having to take on part-time job.

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Every now and then I’m asked for various ways to supplement income or make money without having to take on a second job. As phroogies, we hold onto the idea that one should live life and not spend every hour working. I’ve learned ways to supplement my income without taking on a part-time job. Ok, some time is required but you might find the financial return to be worth it. In fact, some ways of earning money involves very little work while others involve specific skills. There are creative ways to supplement an income that can be done during “down-time” and around your schedule.

Recently, I was headed back from Williamstown, NJ to Elizabeth, NJ and on my way I used GigWalk to earn $7. I stopped by Walmart to take a picture of a product display. The total time it took was 4 minutes and Walmart was right off the actual road I was on.

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Ask friends and family. They might have any chores or tasks that need to be done. I know asking friends and family can be  tough because we don’t really want to talk about our money situation. But, I’ve found posting a message on Facebook could lead to putting together Ikea furniture or helping clean out a garage for a few extra bucks. The worst case money scenario is that you get to spend quality time with a friend or family member and get free beer and pizza. You have to admit that’s not too bad of a trade off.

Ok, if asking family and friends isn’t up your alley but you need to supplement your income here are are few additional ideas.

Rent out your car. For many, a car, is a physical extension and having a stranger use it can make one feel uneasy. But, its not as uncommon as you think. There are a bunch of startups that help you earn cash for your car. On average a car sits idle 22 hours a day. Just think about the actually amount of time you are in your car. Imagine the hours when its not in use that could be making you money. Companies like GetAround and RelayRides enable you to rent out your car for an hour, a day or a week. Auto insurance is covered by the startups insurance company the moment the renter picks up your car. These peer-to-peer rental companies state you can make up to $10,000 a year renting your car. What could you do with an extra $10k a year?

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Share your time and talents. Maybe you have a few hours free to help someone move furniture, buy groceries or run an errand.  Maybe you are a great PowerPoint creator or fast data inputter. I found TaskRabbit as a great way to supplement income without being required to clock in and out. I know of  a few well-funded startups that use this service to get things done from time-to-time. There is a 3 part process to becoming a TaskRabbiter which includes an application, social connections and video interview.

Do secret shops and store audits.  I’ve used a few mobile apps such as Gigwalk to make extra cash on my free time. I do manage to find free time occasionally to snap a few photos or do a store audit. I typically do secret shops around my schedule.  Running to the drug store? I’ll check the app and see if there are any shops available. I’ve surmised that you could make $200 doing 20 shops within a 10 mile radius in a period of 4 hours.  That’s about $50 an hour.

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Sell items online. I’ve sold items online to raise money to build Phroogal. My family and friends gave items to sell online.  I’ve been successful selling musical instruments and furniture on Craigslist and found selling textbooks and books to be profitable on Amazon. This weekend alone I made $150 selling on Craigslist and $125 selling on Amazon. Take a look around your home and you might find things you don’t use or have forgotten about altogether which is worth cash. You get to do three things at once – make money, clean out the clutter and keep items out of the landfill. That’s being phroogal with the environment.

These are a few examples of how to supplement your income without a second job that may help you closer to paying off debt and ensuring that you keep enough free time for your loved ones. Now, that’s phroogal living.

What other ideas do you have to supplement your income without taking on a part-time job?

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About The Phroogal Jason

Jason Vitug is Founder and CEO at Phroogal. His vision is to build the largest financial knowledge-base with the mission to help people live life richly. On his free time Jason travels, hikes does yoga and reads. Follow him on Twitter, connect through Google+ and LinkedIn.


  1. The easiest way I supplemented my income was to sell/flip shoes on Ebay. Craigslist was a blast when I was flipping cars. Never did secret shops as they just seem like it was hit or miss finding reputable companies to work for.

  2. I’ve never sold shoes online but I have sold clothes I’ve bought and never used. It was easier to sell close on eBay, instruments and furniture on eBay and everything else on Amazon.

    Finding a reputable secret shop company is hard online but I’ve found a few reputable ones such as the mobile apps and BestMark. You should never have to pay to do a secret shop. A good rule of thumb.

  3. It runs hot and cold but dumpster diving can be fruitful.

    • The Phroogal Jason

      I’ve picked up stuff on the curb and sold it online. Last item I did was an Ikea dresser, fixed it up a bit with glue and sold it a few days later for $60.

  4. I have found the best way to make extra money is by buying used books at thrift stores, garage sales, library used books sales and clearance racks at local book stores. You can pay anywhere from 25 cents to a few bucks and turn around and sell them to a book buyback site for a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars. I use http://www.bookjingle.com because they have great prices and excellent customer service.

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